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Full solutions suite to remove and prevent your content's leaks,available 24/7.

Rights protection

DMCA notifications

Google URL removal

UGC plateforms

Live streaming

IPTV broadcasting

LeakID ensures monitoring and protection of your works, providing the highest level of existing security. From the first day of hacking to the final reporting, our innovative tools allow you to be the first to know about the release of a pirate copy of your content on the Internet and take control of all the steps of its protection.

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Rights protection policy

We protect your content all day and all night.

Thanks to our proprietary technologies and the result of many years of development, our systems continuously monitor the Internet looking for pirated copies of your content. Whether direct download links, streaming, torrent, live events, IPTV streams or UGC content (Youtube, etc.), all are detected and analyzed by our system and our anti-piracy experts. Each result is analyzed, processed and archived to provide you with accurate, complete and clear activity reports: you have in your hands all the information about your contents protection, allowing you to take the necessary measures internally.

Automated DMCA notifications

We detect and notify pirates within minutes.

Using our dual detection system, both automatic and manual, our experts are able to catch any illegal copies of your content. It is very simple: as soon as an illegal link is detected, we immediately ask for its instant closure using a DMCA notification, and require the removal of the pirated work to ensure that the piracy ceases completely.

Certified Google deindexing

We remove any illegal links, 750 000 times a day.

Our exclusive partnership with Rivendell makes us the quickest and most efficient when requesting illegal copies and url removal. As the world leader for 2 years, we removed up to 750 times more links per day on Google than our competitors. We also developed innovative technologies for protecting your live content, allowing us to delete from the Google index any illegal links extremely quickly during live events that require high reactivity.

User-Generated Content plateforms

We deal with all kind of piracy, even on social plateforms.

Our expertise with these networks allows us to be at the heart of their actions and to be able to detect them immediately: we work closely with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion and others to fight against piracy through the Content ID and the Rights Manager. Our unique expertise makes us the most responsive solution on the market: we only need a few minutes to detect, notify and delete illegal videos.

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Live Streaming

Live protection of your content.

Sports events, football game or boxing fight… All your events must be protected, especially when they are live! Almost instantaneously and in real time, we are able to detect and ask for the closure of illegal activities : our solution covers all aspects of piracy, from Google url removing to live broadcasts on UGC platforms.

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IPTV streaming

We control all streams, IPTV included.

Illegal IPTV streams are a new threat that grows and develops very quickly : this is why we have implemented a dedicated and efficient system, based on an advanced technology : we are constantly looking for illegal IPTV streams on all search engines and on multiple specialized sites, simultaneously. Each of the streams detected is then analyzed to allow us to obtain complete and precise results: the IPTV does not leak out of our will to fight against the piracy of your creations.

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About us

Passion for contents protection

Since its foundation, LeakID has always had the same vocation: offering tailor-made solutions, designed to each content specificities, to offer the highest protection level. Today, we are still driven by the same passion: working for the protection of rights owners and their creations.

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Our references

We already have detected and removed pirated contents, and counting.